Monday, July 27, 2020


These open-ended books are perfect for differentiated instruction across the curriculum.


House Book 


Directions:  Fold the paper in half lengthwise to form a crease.  Open.  Bring upper left corner to the center crease.  Bring upper right corner to the center crease.  Fold up the bottom edge to make a house.


My Family - Children draw their family, how they celebrate, how they have fun, and so forth.


Book Report - Write the title of the book on the house and the author and illustrator on the roof.  Children open the house and draw/write their favorite part of the story.

Number Bonds - Write a number on the front and different ways to show that number in the house.





Directions:  Fold a sheet of paper in half and then into fourths.


Greeting Cards – Children can make cards for their friends, family members, holidays, and so forth.


Books – Children can use these like little books to write stories.


Letters and Numbers – Use these instead of worksheets for open-ended learning.


Writing List

Provide children with writing lists for common words they will want to know how to spell.