Saturday, July 18, 2020


When I did the Region 10 Conference this week one of the participants asked if I would share some ideas for supplies in the virtual classroom.  Districts have different guidelines as to what we can ask parents to provide, but these are items that I think could be open-ended and  used for multiple learning experiences.  What would you add or delete from this list?


Dear Families,

One of the joys of going back to school is getting a new backpack and preparing school supplies.  A virtual classroom should hold the same excitement for your child.  Take your child shopping (online or in the store with a mask) and let them select a backpack. This backpack should ONLY be used when your child is “at school.”  That way these items will feel “special” to your child.


These are some materials that you will want to include.





Dry erase markers

Spiral notebook

Pocket folder

Sticky notes



Small stapler


Construction paper

Copy paper

Optional:  markers, highlighters, colored pencils, stickers 


Note!  Use a backpack that your child already has, a cloth bag, or a plastic tub.


Why are some of the items on the above list?  During the week of July 2nd-10 on my blog I described different learning activities with whiteboards, play dough, sticky notes, etc.  

                                 DR. JEAN'S TOOLKIT FOR THE VIRTUAL CLASSROOM

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Whether your classroom is in the school building or on a screen, you’ll be ready to start the year with Dr. Jean’s BACK TO SCHOOL TOOLKIT.  You’ll discover ways to connect with your families and children, songs to get them learning on their feet, strategies to engage them, and games and hands-on activities.  



Welcome Kit – Getting to Know You

Communicating with Families - Expectations



Start with a Song

Morning meeting (calendar, goals, etc.)

Singing and Dancing Letters and Sounds

Musical Moving Math

Tips and Tricks  (Attention grabbers, transitions, etc.)



Active Learning

Intentional Teaching

Learning Games

What to Do Instead of a Worksheet

Brain Breaks That Reinforce Skills

Memory Makers - Special Days