Wednesday, July 8, 2020


Many students rely on visual cues to guide them through the day.  These "management pops" can be particularly useful in the virtual classroom to help children feel secure and to know what behavior is expected of them.  And, just think how helpful these would be for second language learners!

We've got lots of "management pops" and other printables in our VIRTUAL CLASSROOM SURVIVAL GUIDE, but we wanted to share a few of those with you today.

What?  jumbo craft sticks, two copies of visuals, glue, cup

How?  To make the pops double-sided, print two copies of each visual and attach them to craft sticks.  

Hint!  Add a check mark to the backside so you can reveal it to the students when each task is completed.

When?  Each day choose the pops you'll be using and place them in an organized pile.  Go through the file and explain the day's schedule and expectations.  When starting a new activity, hold up the schedule pop to the screen to visually represent a transition to the next activity.

*Hold up sticks during your teaching to cue students to attend to what you are doing.   

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