Thursday, July 16, 2020


Here's the link to the video I did yesterday on FB Live.  Lots of fun ideas for the virtual classroom.

A teacher recently asked me to make a song about "six feet away."  I love it when I can do something to help you!

Wear, Wash, Six Feet Away  (Tune:  “Row Your Boat”)

Wear, wear, wear your mask  (Put hands over your nose and mouth.)

Wear it every day.

Wear, wear, wear your mask

To keep those germs away.    (Push hands out.)


Wash, wash, wash your hands, (Pretend to wash hands.)

Wash them through the day.

Wash, wash, wash your hands

To keep those germs away.  (Push hands out.)


Stay six feet apart.  (Stretch out arms.)

Stretch out your arms both ways.

Stay six feet apart 

To keep those germs away!  (Push hands out.)


Wear, wash, six feet away

Do it every day.

Wear, wash, six feet away

And healthy we will stay!  (Hands on chest and smile.)


I used to demonstrate how germs spread by putting some baby powder in my palm and then sneezing on it.  The kids were shocked to see that baby powder fly everywhere!  And that's why we wear masks!!!!