Wednesday, July 29, 2020


I love when you ask me for things!  I really do!  How do I know what will help you on my blog if you don't tell me?  

Earlier this week a teacher requested the pattern for my "Batman" visual.  She said any patterns for alphabet letters would be great.  Here you go!!!  

*By the way, these activities could be used with distance learning or in class. 

Use the bat pattern to cut the shape out of the front of a file folder.  Insert paper inside and write different letters so they show up in the bat shape.  Alliterate the sound for each letter that shows up.  For example:

/h/ /h//h/ /h/ /h/ /h/ /h/ /h/ /h/ /h/ /h/ /h/   H

*Write children's names on paper so they show up in the shape.  Alliterate the beginning sound in their name.  For example:

/m/ /m/ /m/ /m/ /m/ /m/ /m/ /m/  Max

LETTERS ON THE BUS (Tune: "The Wheels on the Bus")
Cut out the shape of the bus and attach magnetic strips to the back.  Place on a magnetic board and then put different magnetic letters in the window of the bus as you sing: 

The R on the bus goes /r/ /r/ /r/    /r/ /r/ r/   /r/ /r/ /r/
The R on the bus goes /r/ /r/ /r/  on the way to school.

*Write letters on paper buses and hold up as you sing the sounds.

LETTERS YOU KNOW  (Tune:  "Bingo")
Cut dogs bones out of paper and write a letter on each one.  Hold the bones/letters as you sing:

There is a letter you should know, 
What can the letter be - o?
/c/ /c/ /c/  It's a C.  
/c/ /c/ /c/  It's a C. 
/c/ /c/ /c/  It's a C.   
The letter C you know!

P.S.  I am not an artist, so I hope these patterns will work for you.  If someone knows a better way to share images than google drive please email me (  With google images the patterns seem to get distorted???  Sorry!