Tuesday, July 21, 2020


Learning will always be more fun when you make it a game for children!

Tiptoe and Touch
The teacher calls out a letter, number, shape, etc.  The children must tiptoe around their room and touch something that matches what the teacher calls out.

Dance and Touch

This is a fun game when you are singing and dancing alphabet songs.  ("Who Let the Letters Out," "Happy Birthday Letters," "This Is a Tale," etc.)   Play a few letters in the song and then stop the recording.  Children have to find that letter in their room or in a book and point to it.  Continue playing the song and stopping several other times for the children to touch the printed letter.

Sports Spell
Have children stand and pretend to dribble a basketball. Spell out words as you dribble, and then shoot the ball in the hoop as you say the word. For example:
     T (bounce), H (bounce), E (bounce) ~ “the” (throw the ball in the hoop)

I Spy!

Make a magic “spy” glass for each child by turning one end of a pipe cleaner into a circle.  Teacher says, “I spy…” and names a color, shape, beginning sound, etc.  Children look around and focus their “spy” glass on the answer.