Monday, July 20, 2020


This week I want to focus on active learning experiences that you can do online or in the traditional classroom. If you want children to practice writing letters, numerals, sight words, or anything, here are a few strategies to make it more fun and meaningful.

Sky Writing (aka "invisible writing")

Keep arm stiff and extend index and middle fingers. Make lines, circles, slants, pushes and other strokes in the air.
Note! The adult will need to reverse movements if doing it in front of the class. 


Air Writing (Lisa Callis)

Go from large to small as you practice air writing letters, numerals, shapes, etc.  It's an interesting way to get children to repeat a skill.

     1st  Stick out one arm and write with your finger.
     2nd Hold your shoulder with the opposite hand as you write with one finger.
     3rd  Hold your elbow and write.
     4th  Hold your wrist and write.
     5th  Hold finger and write.

Tummy Writing
Have children lie on their tummies and extend their index finger above their head. Practice making shapes, letters, etc. on the floor. (This technique will help children start writing “at the top.”)
Body Parts 

Let children suggest different body parts, such as elbows, noses, toes, etc. to write with.

Palm Pilot 

Hold up one palm. Write on it with the index finger from the other hand. Be sure and “erase” in between letters!