Wednesday, July 1, 2020


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Teachers are like sales people. We SELL kids on reading, taking turns, doing their work, and so forth. There are going to be many different ways that schools operate, but we need to be as positive and resilient as we can with whatever happens.

Here's a chant that my granddaughter helped me write and record. After visiting many online classes this spring it was obvious that children (and parents) didn't know appropriate behavior. (Laying in bed with your pajamas and a sippy cup is no way to learn.) My underlying message was basically what we expect in the traditional or virtual classroom.

     1. School is FUN.

     2. You need to be prepared.

     3. You'll have friends.

     4. You need to sit up and be attentive.

     5. You're going to learn lots of new things.

By Dr. Jean and Kalina Karapetkova

We like to come to virtual school. (Slap thighs and step from side to side.)
Learning from home is really cool.

Gather all the supplies you need.
Are you ready? Yes, indeed!

Come on in and wave hello.
Smile to all the friends you know.

Sit up straight in your chair.
Show your teacher that you care.

When you talk, please take turns.
Look, listen, and you will learn.

Reading, writing, we are smart!
Math and science, music and art.

We share, sing, and have a great time.
When we go to school online.

Here's a book that Toni Mullins (Teacher Toni) made to go with 
the chant.  You can download it at


Note!  Downloaded books will last much longer if you glue the first page to a pocket folder and then insert the other pages in clear sheet protectors.