Sunday, July 5, 2020


When you give a child a clipboard, they will feel like a "scholar." You can purchase clipboards or make your own from a 9” x 12” piece of corrugated cardboard. Attach a butterfly clip to the top, insert paper, and then let the children decorate them.
*Observations – Children can draw the weather, clouds, what they see on a nature walk, etc.

*Scavenger Hunt – Ask children to hunt around their house and draw shapes, letters, words they can read, and so forth.

*Note taking - Write or draw pictures as they listen to a book or watch a video.

*Interviews – Let children interview their parents, siblings, friends, or neighbors about a particular topic.

*What I Learned- As children listen to a story or watch a video they can record what they learn.

*Lists – Children can make lists of favorite foods, pets, sports, books, toys, games, colors…

P.S. Here's a free download of fun scavenger hunts that children can do with their families.