Monday, July 6, 2020


Sticky notes can be a useful tool in the virtual or traditional classroom. I'd definitely put them on my "SUPPLY WISH LIST." 


Children can quietly write the answer to questions and then hold them up for the teacher to do a quick check. For example:

*Phonics – The children write the beginning sound, vowel sound, etc.

*Math – The teacher holds a dot card and children write the number. They could also write the answer to number stories.

*Spelling – Use for children to practice writing sight words, vocabulary, spelling words, etc.

*Review – Children draw or write the answer to questions about a unit of study.

*Feelings – Children can draw how they feel.

*Doodles – Tell the children that they can draw if they are restless.


According to the Cone of Learning, people remember more when they DO something (say, write, practice).  T
hat's why it's important to try and integrate writing and talking online.  If young children can't write, they can always draw or scribble.