Tuesday, July 7, 2020


These mini-offices will help students organize their work space and minimize clutter.  They will also encourage students to stay focused.

Tape two file folders together for each child. Let them decorate the outside with markers, magazine pictures, trading cards, etc.  Adapt the information you put on the inside of the office to the age and skills of the child. 


For example, you might have alphabet letters, colors, numbers, and shapes for younger children.  


Use a copy of sight words, letter formation, and a hundreds chart for older students.  


You could also use 2 pocket folders to make a word wall office. Children can insert papers they are working on in the left and work they have finished on the right.






A study carrel can also provide children with a special place to do independent work.  You will need a large cardboard box.  Cut off the top and one side as shown.  After your child decorates the box it can be placed on a table and will eliminate distractions.