Thursday, July 9, 2020


Here's the link to the FB Live I did yesterday!  If you missed it, you've missed some good ideas! 

This game can be used to reinforce colors, letters, numbers, sight words, shapes, and other skills. You will need to provide a set of cards for each child based on concepts you want to practice. I can see using this with distance learning or in a traditional setting. They could also be adapted for a small group and differentiated instruction.

The children can cut out the cards and save them in a zip bag or envelope. When it’s time to play SHOW ME, they place the cards on the floor or table in front of them. The teacher asks different questions and says, "Show me." The children hold up the card with the answer so the teacher can quickly assess their responses. 

Note!  Children can self-check and then correct their answer if necessary.

Number Cards
Here are some math games you could play with number cards.


*How Many? The teacher claps, snaps, or stomps a set. Children listen and then hold up the correct number.

*Counting - How many toes you have? How many in your family? How many days in the week?

*Mystery Number - I’m thinking of a number between 4 and 6... I’m thinking of a number two more than seven...

*Math Facts - 4 plus 2…9 minus 3.

*Number Stories - I had four pennies. I found two more. Show me how many I have in all.

Hint!  Add math signs for older students.

Shape Cards

*Which shape is like a pizza?

*Which shape has 3 sides?

*Can you match your square to something in your room that is shaped like a square?